How To Fulfill The 150 Credit Hour Requirement?

Almost all jurisdictions have implemented the 150 credit hour rule for CPA licensing purposes. This rule caused CPA candidates to be worried about what to do to fulfill this requirement.

Earning the 150 credit hours is easier than most of you think. Many candidates think they must have a Masters Degree to meet the 150 credit hour requirement. Well this is an option you can take, but there are also other options that will help you meet this requirement.

Here are my top 5 options you can choose from in order to fulfill the 150 credit hour requirement:

Option Number 1:

Take all the necessary hours at the undergraduate level, this means while you are getting your Bachelor Degree, you can take additional course to hit the 150 credit hour requirement. This can be done by taking elective courses or doing a minor degree in any subject you want. I prefer you take a minor degree as it adds value to your education.

The best thing you can do if you have a major in Accounting is to take a minor degree in Information Technology
(IT) or Computer Science. That’s because IT these days is changing the world and the CPA Exam is focusing on IT, so it will be a smart idea to do a minor in IT.

Make sure though to take the sufficient accounting and business courses required by your jurisdiction for CPA licensing purposes. This is the easiest way to meet the 150 credit hour requirement, but because doing so involves planning in advance, most people do not do that because they are not aware about it at that time. So
you have to do the next best thing for your situation.

Option Number 2:

Take additional courses after obtaining your Bachelor Degree at the graduate level from an accredited college or university. If you already have the adequate number of accounting and business courses for your CPA licensing purposes, you can take non-degree courses. This includes languages, Golf, History, music or any other courses you love.

You can also take additional courses in accounting and business. Many people take a post diploma in accounting which it gives them 30 hours in accounting and business courses. These courses can be obtained from a local community college or online university but make sure it is an accredited institution. The University of North Alabama in the United States and Amity University in India offer such courses.

Option Number 3:

If you have an Accounting Major, you can combine your undergraduate accounting degree with a Masters Degree in a different direction. For example, you can take a Masters in Taxation or a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). For me personally I have a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and an MBA degree.

Option Number 4:

If you do not have an Accounting Major, you can take a Masters degree in accounting. Masters in Accounting is a good theoretical foundation if you want to work in academia, but it may or may not help you in your CPA Exam preparation. That’s because it is theoretical and it may not add value to you a lot. Make sure to
learn the exact number and type of accounting classes your state board requires.

Option Number 5:

You can enroll in an integrated 5-year professional accounting school or program that leads to a Master’s Degree in Accounting.

Top 10 Online Accredited Universities

Here are the top 10 online accredited universities/colleges that can help you fulfill your 150 credit hour requirement:

Want help in your CPA Exam journey?

Book a call with me here calendar and let me help you pass this beast.

Want help in your CPA Exam journey?

Book a call with me here and let me help you pass this beast.

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