Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) weight 50% of the CPA Exam score. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to master these questions properly to pass the exam.

Below are my best 5 secrets to help you ace the multiple choice questions on your CPA Exam:

MCQ Secret # 1: Read the Last Sentence of the Question First

When you read a MCQ from the beginning, you will find that it includes irrelevant numbers and information which will get you confused. However, if you read the last sentence of the question (the meat of the question), you’ll find what the question is truly asking about.

This will help you get to the point and answer it correctly. So, before reading the question, find what it is asking about. This way, you know what to look for when you go back and read through the full problem.

If you can figure that out, then you can go back to the beginning of the problem and look at the numbers and information being presented.

You will be able to better organize all those different components to fit into your solution.

MCQ Secret # 2: Scan All of the Four Answer Choices for the MCQ Before Choosing Your Answer

Sometimes you will look at one answer and it will seem correct. This used to happen to me a lot when I was studying for the CPA Exam. But when I read the other choices and digged into them, I used to figure out that the answer I picked is incorrect.

That’s why I recommend you look at the other choices and think about why they are incorrect.

Even if you don’t know the answer right away, seeing the ones that are incorrect and eliminating them can help you figure out the one that is correct. If you choose the answer directly and you don’t review all the four answer choices, chances are you are not getting the right answer.

MCQ Secret # 3: Keep Your Eye On Tricky Words Such As “Except” “Not” “Least Likely” “Never” “Always”

Words like “except”, “not”, “least likely”, “never” and “always” change the whole meaning of the question.

So if you don’t pay attention to these words, you will get the wrong answer. If you find that most multiple answers seem correct, chances are you are missing a keyword that will change the meaning of the whole question.

That’s why you must read the question carefully and pay attention to these keywords.


MCQ Secret # 4: Practice MCQs Quickly By Giving Each Question a Maximum of 1.5 Minutes to Answer

Try to answer 10 questions within 15 minutes and practice MCQs every day in order to be prepared for the exam day.

Time management during the exam is important, and saving time in the MCQ section is key because you can focus on the simulations on the exam.


MCQ Secret # 5: Don’t Leave Anything Blank

If you don’t know the answer just put your best guess and move on.

Don’t waste time thinking and flipping back and forth between your answers and save time for something else. Your score is based on the number of correct responses you choose. That’s why putting any answer gives you a 25% chance of getting an additional point that will help you get the 75 you need to pass.


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