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I’m a licensed CPA in the State of Colorado and an AICPA member.

I also help CPA candidates PASS the CPA Exam and become CPAs. As an online CPA coach and tutor, I educate and motivate CPA candidates to become CPAs. This includes helping them in their CPA Exam application process, providing them with efficient and effective study methods, providing them with tips and tricks for each part of the exam and giving them any other support they need.

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Ever wondered how to start your CPA Exam journey? Whether you are eligible or not to sit for the CPA Exam? What to do exactly to sit for the CPA Exam? Which CPA review course is the best for you? 

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  • Alaa Abu Dayyeh
    Almost all jurisdictions have implemented the 150 credit hour rule for CPA licensing purposes. This rule caused CPA candidates to be worried about what to do to fulfill this requirement. Earning the 150 credit hours is easier than most of you think. Many candidates think they must have a Masters